Welcome to H-Sense.

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We at H-Sense pride ourselves primarily on our teamwork, and our sense of belonging. We extend the trust and respect that defines our atmosphere to our clients, creating a friendly environment conducive to creativity.

Remember: we want to work with you, not just for you. Our main arena is the web applications, where we are well-versed in creative immersing websites. Yet, we’re also experienced in creating mobile applications, and even technically complex software systems. Put that together with our expertise in user interface and experience design, and you’ve got a nice, polished product, which leaves the competition lacking.


Design is all about first impressions. If you don’t capture the user’s interest that first time they see your product, you’re likely not to even get a second chance!
Because of this, we take great care, and even pride, in design -whether we’re designing an app, a brochure, or a logo. We use the latest and greatest in Adobe and Microsoft technologies to make sure your product is pixel-perfect, and we’re always happy to go back to the drawing board to make sure we get it right.


Mark Zuckerberg once said that it’s OK to move fast and break things -and we agree. Following the tried-and-true Agile development methodologies, we like to work in a dynamic and iterative manner, cycling through functional releases, and making continuous improvements.
Unlike other companies, we won’t go off into darkness, and magically reappear when the project is ‘done’: instead, we tend to keep you in the loop through all stages of development. You’ll see how the product is progressing first-hand, with everything from working prototypes through in-progress versions of each release, making sure everything is exactly as you want it to be.

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