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William S. Y. Asiama, Team Co-Founder

William is a fourth year graduate student at the University for Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle” in Ohrid, at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. His interests revolve around smartphone applications and intelligent systems that can be used by people in their everyday life. William is a technology-addict and enjoys being up-to date with all technology news. He is a hard worker and likes to encourage people around him to work at their best too. He dedicates a lot of his free down time to music and DJ-ing, hiking, reading or watching anime if he’s not playing the latest action game.

You can read more about him in his professional portfolio: Here.


H-Sense takes the good and modern and shapes it to your needs.

We do not only want to work for you, we want to work with you. Together, we can always make a stronger team. We like to be a part of the process of problem-spotting, and then, together with you, to discover which modern technologies can solve the problem in the best way. We like to pick what is best and advanced, give it the simplest possible shape, and deliver it to you in the best possible package. Life is too short to waste time on complicated and complex stuff, which can most certainly be used in a much simpler manner. We always aim to make life simple for you – by carefully choosing, working with dedication, assembling smartly and then delivering ready-to-use products. We take our youth as an advantage of persistence, energy, dedication, serious attitude and professionalism.

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