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Our Story.

There are a lot of ways in which a story can start. Sometimes, it's with a problem that needs be solved. Sometimes, it's with a product that needs to be built. Yet, at others, it's with a cup of coffee. Ours is a story of three colleagues, who met each other behind the university desks and formed a tight friendship.

Since our friends liked spending time together, they quickly decided to try working together, as well. the upcoming WOWZAPP hackathon, provided the perfect chance just for this.

Just 48 hours and three prizes later, our friends evolved into something new: a team. Not only had they worked together under a deadline, but they actually came out on top, and even liked it! They tried and tried again, at the Telekom Innovation Partners contest, at AppToTheFuture, Imagine Cup, the Intel Future Contest... and they still liked working together.

So, fast-forward a year into the future, and you'll still see them. They're still sharing that cup of coffee, and, they're still working together, as a team of young professionals, to bring the people of the world just a bit closer together.

H-Sense takes the good and modern and shapes it to your needs.

We do not only want to work for you, we want to work with you. Together, we can always make a stronger team. We like to be a part of the process of problem-spotting, and then, together with you, to discover which modern technologies can solve the problem in the best way. We like to pick what is best and advanced, give it the simplest possible shape, and deliver it to you in the best possible package. Life is too short to waste time on complicated and complex stuff, which can most certainly be used in a much simpler manner. We always aim to make life simple for you – by carefully choosing, working with dedication, assembling smartly and then delivering ready-to-use products. We take our youth as an advantage of persistence, energy, dedication, serious attitude and professionalism.

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