Initial Problem 

How to connect all our daily used devices in a new way and use them as our digital senses? Can we define another use of common devices where they serve humanity in their everyday natural environments, to help us sense the environment better?

Our Solution

Imagine a future where our devices “live” with us, a future where the devices we own are able to actually integrate with our lives and provide us the salient information that we require. IDN envisions such future in a set of devices that can see, hear, understand and respond to what is happening around us.

Amazing Result

IDN is a prototype project owned by H-Sense, which was firstly promoted at the Intel Future Contest 2012 where it was selected among the best concepts for their annual edition of their “future book”. Provided the needed funding and support, IDN is ready for realization.

Set of Devices that Communicate Through a Shared System

IDN functions as a set of everyday devices used in a smart way: wrist bands, hair decorations, watches, in-built cameras, etc., which are put in the context of “sensing” the surroundings and communicating through a central system, be it a smartphone or smart watch. It has a wide range of applications, among which one of the most important ones is supporting people with disabilities and being “that missing sense”.