Initial Problem 

Did you need just that one country's flag and info but you had to deal with a million flag images to get to the one you needed? You finally got an image, but the dimensions aren’t right? Or it took you ages and pages to find what you needed?

Our Solution

A very simple, all in one solution comes with FlagIT. Type your country of interest with the help of our auto-fill search, select the type of data you need, and the flag image size – and enjoy getting just the right information!

Amazing Result

The result – a comprehensive API that comes in developer-friendly format and user-friendly Wizard. The aim is not just the generation of a JSON string with the needed information, but also providing a tool that can be used as an electronic global atlas!

A Gift to the Community

FlagIT comes free of any charge in its completeness. It’s an H-Sense tailored gift to the community, motivated by our countless searches for country data or reasonable flag images. Equipped with interesting information like National Anthems and country facts, FlagIT is the perfect encyclopedic location for refreshing your knowledge too!