Initial Problem 

Codefest is a unique programming marathon for IT students with a duration of 32 hours. The original concept for Codefest originates from H-Sense, and over the recent years it has grown into a whole brand of its own. It was a real challenge to create event branding that will be attractive to all stakeholders – the participants seeking competitiveness, motivation and fun, and the companies seeking seriousness and professional appearance.

Our Solution

Under the motto “Celebrating code”, we used the owl, the night bird, to represent the sleepless programmers who competed for valuable prizes for continuous 32 hours. The branding materials are clean and flat, simple but yet professionally looking, which gives a fresh impact to the event stakeholders.

Amazing Result

Happy participants, respectful companies, strong brand image and visually appealing creative space was the outcome of Codefest 2014 and the perception of its branding materials. The many requests after the event and the interest even for buying branded Codefest items confirms the success of the brand message and the overall event recognition.

Unique Possibility for Psychological and Emotional Marketing

Memorate not only reaches out to any user willing to share their memories, but also opens marketing possibilities for companies and brands, on the psychological level; for example, “When I wear Nike I feel like I can just do it”.