Clichéd as they might be, “Hello World’s” have managed to become a mainstay of how the beginning steps to any “programming” language course is taught. Be it C#, C++ or even Javascript, most introductory lessons include this code snippet, the main purpose being to reproduce the string “Hello World” in one way or another.

So, as an introduction, we obviously decided to stay with the traditional (for this once at least) and begin by saying Hello World to you, our first of many readers. This section of our site is dedicated to development oriented issues. In this section we will post guides and tips and other code snippets that might prove useful to developers. We hope to make this as engaging as possible.
For our first post, we’ve decided to re-hash an older article that we had published in a Macedonian magazine. It’s a simple Windows 8 Calculator application. Due to the length of this post, you can download the entire article including the source code from the resource link above As a general guideline, you will need to have at least a basic understanding of C# to be able to fully follow this article.

A Screenshot of the Calculator

Download Resource